The Ohio Historical Markers program, begun in the 1950s, encompasses 1,750 unique markers that tell the state's history as written by its communities. Administered by the Community Engagement Department of Ohio History Connection, the program has placed approximately 1,750 markers that share our state's history. Partnering with community sponsors, these markers help tell the unique stories of the people, places, things and events that helped shape individual communities, as well as Ohio and our nation. Approximately 20 new markers are accepted into the program each year.

Corporate Limit Markers, the Ohio-shaped signs posted at village and city limits, are also administered through the Ohio Markers Program.


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How to Obtain an Ohio Historical Marker

A local sponsor, usually a local historical society, civic organization, or local government, applies for a marker to the Markers Program. The sponsor is responsible for the cost of marker production, marker installation, and ongoing maintenance/upkeep of the marker after it is installed.


The program runs on an annual July-June cycle and applications are due in the Local History Services office every year by May 1. This deadline applies to ALL applications, regardless of if you plan to fully fund the marker or are seeking marker grants to help defray the cost of erecting a marker.


Once an application has been accepted into the Markers Program, the Ohio History Connection confirms the historical significance of the subject, ensures the marker text is historically accurate and collaborates with the local sponsor to finalize the text as it will appear on the marker.


Grant Funding Available

Two grants are available to help defray the cost of an Ohio Historical Marker:

  • Ohio History Connection established the Historical Markers Grant Program in 2006. This competitive, matching grant program defrays the cost of markers with grants of up to $1,000. Ten such grants are available in a marker cycle.
  • The William G. Pomeroy Foundation offers grants for Ohio Historical Markers that will match the cost of a marker up to $3,585. Twenty such grants are available in a marker cycle.

To apply for one of the available grants, simply check the grant you are seeking on the application. Should your application be accepted into the program, it will be forwarded to the appropriate grant committee for consideration. It is that simple!



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