Crowd-Fund History Projects in Your Community

The Ohio History Fund was created to support the preservation and sharing of Ohio’s heritage by funding local, regional, and statewide projects, programs, and events related to the broad sweep of the state’s history and pre-history. The Ohio History Fund is a competitive matching grants program that is crowd-funded and made possible through voluntary contributions and donations from people like you!

  1. Contribute a small portion of your state income tax refund through your purchase of Ohio History "mastodon" license plates. The plates are $30, with $20 devoted to Ohio History Fund grants.
  2. Donate directly to Ohio History Connection for the Ohio History Fund

Donating through your state income tax return is the most popular option and is by far the largest source of grant funds. For the average donation of $10, you can help repair roofs on historic buildings, preserve the experiences of Ohio veterans, help communities tell more inclusive stories about themselves, and provide public access to rare museum collections. Tax time is your time to support Ohio history!

Recent Recipients

The more help you give to the Ohio History Fund, the more grants it gives to save and share our great state’s history.