Ohio Village is located at 800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH, 43211, at the intersection of I-71 & 17th Avenue (Exit 111) on the grounds of the Ohio History Center in Columbus.

Operating Hours

Ohio Village is closed for regular admission for the season. We look forward to seeing you next Spring!


$14/age 60+ or college student with ID
$10/ages 4–12
Free/age 3 & under
Ohio History Connection members enjoy free admission

Included in this total ticket price is a 5% arts and culture fee on the base ticket as required by the City of Columbus. This fee supports exemplary artists, arts and cultural organizations and programs that educate and engage audiences of all ages throughout greater Columbus.

Ticket Information

Ohio Village is included with admission to the Ohio History Center. Advance tickets are available but not required. Walk-up admission is available anytime during open hours at the Ohio History Center front desk.
Members who wish to reserve tickets in advance can do so by calling 614-297-2300 during business hours.

John Hauck Foundation Welcome Center

Here you can find restrooms, drinking fountains, and admissions.

Ohio Village School

Class is in session! Are you prepared? Take a seat in one of the desks, test your knowledge, and see how you fare in our Victorian classroom. Also, make sure to stop at our playground located behind the school.

Burton House

Find yourself in Victorian high society by seeing what new-fangled gadget this upper crust family has in their home, and don’t forget to marvel at the beautiful flower garden Mrs. Burton is especially proud of.

Murphy’s Lodging House

A much-needed resting place for weary travelers, Murphy’s Lodging House is a great place to put your feet up and meet new people. Browse through magazines and check out items visiting travelers have left behind.

Barrington Bicycles

Step into our bike shop and learn about the varied outdoor activities of the 1890’s. Have your picture taken on a high wheel bicycle or take a spin around the village on the velocipede. Barrington’s has all you need for your next great outdoor excursion.

Town Hall

Town Hall is the center of justice, entertainment and all things community in town. There you can have your case heard before our traveling judge, visit with our town marshal, host a town meeting or attend traveling show or lecture.

The Telegraphic Advertiser

Explore the latest news of world! Read state and national stories about the most talked about headlines of the day, like temperance, suffrage, and labor rights. Learn all the local gossip and find out about upcoming events scheduled in village.

Ohio Village Emporium

Now offering snacks, cold beverages and a selection of souvenirs. Ohio History Connection members save 10%.

Masonic Lodge

Visitors can learn about the significance and community role of the Masons and fraternal organizations in general.

American House Hotel & Tavern

Step into one of the grandest buildings in Ohio Village to browse the menu and prices. Be sure to stop in the tavern or visit our Telegraph Office while you're here.

Roszman’s Barber Shop

Stay up to date on all the latest hair styles and trends of the 1890's, learn the history of the art of barbering, or get a dose of politics from the gentleman gather around the shop.

Muffins Meadow

Cheer on our beloved Ohio Village Muffins, a vintage mid 19th century base ball team.


A covered area to enjoy a meal, participate in crafts, or catch a traveling show.

Village Green

Enjoy old-fashioned games like stilts, and hoop and stick, or simply take in the sights and sounds of Ohio Village.

Barrymore Funeral Parlor

Experience the high art of Victorian mourning! Select your gravestone material, see crepe mourning adornments and hair jewelry, learn a death song or poem and look at some of the tools of the undertaking trade.

Village Mercantile

Take a look at the newest technology in the Ohio Village…the Telephone! Browse the variety of products available on our shelf, or via the pages of Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck catalogs. Talk with our shopkeeper about how things like war, labor, and economics impact on everyday life.

Spinner & Co Toy Shop

Channel your inner child when you step into Spinner & Co.! Play with toys of the day, view ads and pricing and discuss what childhood and play meant during the Victorian era.

Taylor House

Ms. Taylor loves to entertain! Visit the Taylor house for an afternoon cup of tea, or a game of slap jack. This middle class home is a welcome place for visitors who have lots of questions and would like to discuss the history, opinions, politics and trends of the time.

Blacksmith Shop

Feel the heat in the Ohio Village Blacksmith Shop! Meet with one of the town’s blacksmiths, talk with them about their craft, and see how they transform simple metal into works of art.

McKeen’s Ready-Made Clothing

Looking for the latest fashions? Browse through ready-made clothing catalogs for the latest trends in fashion and accessories, explore men’s and women’s hats and clothes or set up a consultation with our seamstress or tailor.

Village Bakery

Hear about the latest baking trends and learn how this small town bakery aims to provide safe food for all residents.


From tonics to tinctures, the Ohio Village Pharmacy has everything for what ails you. Check out displays of patent medicines and learn more about the “cures” available at an 1890s pharmacy.

H&P Women’s Study Club

Enter the bustling world of clubs and societies that organized women of all ages around political causes, shared interests, and education. Participate in oration, learn the proper tea etiquette of the day or try your hand with a fountain pen.

Bank of Ohio

Step behind the counter and try your hand at being the Ohio Village banker. Count the currency, review the current exchange rate, store valuables in the bank safe, and watch out for those bank robbers featured on the wanted posters.

Schmidt House & Garden

As the Schmidt family welcomes you into their home explore farm life while trying kitchen gadgets and looking through the family knickknacks. When you step back outside, take a gander at the chicken coop, heirloom garden and see what fruits and vegetables were being grown during the time.

Village Church

Walk into the Ohio Village church and take in the many beautiful features of this space that is used for village organization meetings, music lessons, visiting speakers of all denominations, weddings and village events.

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Daily Program Schedule

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Open Schedule

Ohio Village Newspaper

Check out the Telegraphic Advertiser, our 1890's newspaper!

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Muffins Base Ball

The Ohio Village Muffins carry on the tradition of Base Ball as it was played in the mid nineteenth-century.

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Tips for planning your visit:

  • Ohio Village is open rain or shine. If there is inclement weather, some activities may be moved or canceled.
  • If the heat index is deemed to be hazardous, costumed villagers may be found in modern clothing for their health and safety.
  • Ohio Village and the Ohio History Center do not have an ATM on site. Cash, credit and debit are accepted at our admissions and retail areas.
  • Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are not permitted in Ohio Village or anywhere on the grounds of the Ohio History Center.
  • Pets are not allowed on the grounds of the Ohio History Center or in Ohio Village.
  • Wheelchairs are available in the Ohio History Center or at the John Hauck Foundation Welcome Center at Ohio Village.
  • If you have questions about accessibility in Ohio Village, please ask us.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

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The Ohio History Connection is committed to providing our visitors, volunteers and staff an environment free from intimidation, harassment, and discrimination with respect to admission and access to our sites, programs and activities. The Ohio History Connection does not permit harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, marital or partnership status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, pregnancy, citizenship status or any other classification protected by applicable federal, state or local law. The Ohio History Connection is committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory environment free from intimidation, harassment or bias based on these grounds.


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The Ohio History Connection welcomes all to discover Ohio’s stories. We strive to create a safe, accessible and friendly environment to explore our sites and collections. Our core value of inclusivity challenges us to constantly seek out and remove barriers to participation, empower underserved audiences and improve how we deliver our services. Learn more about our Accessibility efforts.

Photo Policy

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The Ohio History Connection and the media frequently take photos/videos of visitors which may be used by the Ohio History Connection and/or its designees in future promotional materials in any media (such as websites, brochures, flyers, blogs, and social media sites). If you are photographed, the photo may be used without your prior consent and without compensation. If you do not want your image used, please avoid the photographer or inform them that you do not wish to be photographed.

COVID-19 Guidelines

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Masks are optional at the Ohio History Center & Ohio Village

We will continue to follow guidelines provided by our local, county and state health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).