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Meet the awesome individuals who make things happen at the organization. See anyone you know?

our president
Marva Allen

Ronette Burkes-Trowsdell

Vice President

Vernise Robinson


George Frederick


Gerard Lowe

Midwest Regional Director

Gary Burt

Immediate Past President

Ohio Chapter
Life Members

Members who have a life-time committment to the NABCJ, to assist in it's mission and purpose even after serving in past positions.

  • Cecil Ahad
  • Marva Allen
  • Deborah Barnes
  • Kenneth Black
  • DeCarlo Blackwell
  • Les Blakemore
  • Linda Bond
  • Dorothy E. Brown
  • Toni Brooks
  • Willie Brunson
  • Ronette Burkes - Trowsdell
  • Garey Burt
  • Yolanda Burt
  • Andrea Carson
  • Jeffrey Carson
  • Dr. Bennett Cooper (Deceased)
  • Charles Davis
  • Carl E. Douglas
  • Tonya Ellis
  • Staci Freeman
  • Darryl Graves
  • Vivian Hawkins
  • Mary Henderson
  • Sharon Nolen
  • Je’Vonda Hill (Deceased)
  • Cassandra Hill-Gunn
  • Kathryn Howard
  • Dorothy Jones
  • Kevin E. Jones
  • Robert O.E. Keyes
  • Gwendolyn King
  • Craig Knight
  • Gerard Lowe
  • Felepa Lowery
  • Carmen Nelson
  • Annie Person
  • Denise Robinson
  • Vernise Robinson
  • Tamitri Rogers
  • Billy Russell
  • Ellen Shoecraft
  • Robert (R.D.) Smith
  • Ramona Swayne
  • Sheri Talley
  • Valerie Taylor
  • Thomas Teague
  • Tracy Tyson-Parker
  • Trayvon Veal
  • Luietta Wade
  • Lyneal Wainwright
  • Cassandra Washington
  • Anthony Wiley
  • Clyde Williams
  • Karla Williams
  • Curtis Wingard
  • Gwendolyn Woods
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